What I Did Once 
What I did once was board a plane  
And fly high  
And land somewhere else  

What I did once was drink the water  
And not get sick  

What I did once was meet new people  
And different people  
And they met me  

What I did once was dance with friends  
In the moonlight  
And by a waterfall  

What I once did was ride a horse  
By a mountain of ice  
In a big hat and boots  

And then what I did once was sit by the fire  
And get to know people  
With wine and stories and happiness  

What I did once was eat pizza  
And listen to music  
On a magical night  

What I did once was sit in the dark in the starlight   
High and safe with friends  
And get cleansed  

What I did once (Or twice or more)  
Was ride and ride and ride  
And sleep and learn and look and write  

What I did once was become very aware  
Of toilet paper and altitude  
And endurance  

What I did once was see children  
With minds like sponges, and faces with smiles  
Living on top of the world  

What I did once was visit sacredness  
In rivers, trees, and ceremonies  
And in sadness I left sacredness behind  

But what I did once was meet a woman  
Who took care for OTHER women  
And, I think, SHE was sacred  

What I did once was step out of my EVERYTHING  
And put my trust where it belongs  
In the universe I guess  

What I did once was sit on the edge of a volcano  
In a hot spring  
And drink wine    

What I did once was something I never did before  
You know, for the first time  
Something I highly recommend   

And what I did once was take the leap   
For ten sacred happy trusting mind expanding days  
That will live with me always  

I did all that  

by Tami Maynard, January 2010 Trip

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