Rainforest Scholarship Program

We have long recognized that the indigenous communities in Ecuador are not passive recipients of aid, but want to actively participate to support their families, their culture, and their dreams. AlliancExchange’s work has been to develop projects, to provide scholarships, to support ecotourism, to sanction cultural exchange and to maintain the belief that we are more alike than we are different.

With the support of the Association of Ecuadorians in New England, AENI in the Spring of 2007, we launched the Rainforest Scholars program to assist children seeking secondary education outside their remote rainforest villages with the hope that they will return to maintain their stewardship of the rainforest and to foster their culture.

Six students under the age of 18 received scholarships to support their higher education goals through funding from AENI in 2007. AlliancExchange awarded additional scholarships to six adult students in the same year.  

Since then, the Rainforest Scholars program has doubled in size with the funding of 12 additional students supported by organizations, individual donors and other fundraising efforts of AlliancExchange 

At the same time AlliancExchange is expanding its School Supplies programs to elementary schools and to other secondary schools.


Contact us at  to donate by check. To donate by credit card, click here.

Talk to us about monthly contributions if that works better for you.  Of course, donations of any amount will be gladly accepted and very much appreciated by AlliancExchange and the people of Ecuador.



We ask for your
tax-deductible contributions to support future scholarship recipients.
We cannot do it without you!

Consider sponsoring your own scholar.

·         $500 can provide a full scholarship for 1 year of secondary education.

·          $250 can provide a partial scholarship or assist with operations.

·          $100 can provide important school supplies for an elementary school.

·          $75 can support a child in primary school for an entire year.

Contact us at   to donate by check. To donate by credit card, click here.

Monthly donations or donations of any amount are gladly accepted and very much appreciated by AlliancExchange and the people of Ecuador. 


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